Website Development

Missy is a self taught website developer. Websites are crucial for the success of businesses. Facebook is hand in the sense you can run ads and get bookings but it is a lot of work to chase the leads. A lot of people want don’t want to talk and just want to either look, or click and purchase. Brains are very impatient these days so there’s a window of opportunity and websites allow potential customers and clients to view your work, or click and purchase products where rather then having to scroll albums on facebook, you can link a product or services and they can easily click so If you have a business that you would like to take from Facebook and turn into a website you can purchase the start from scratch package. which includes your website and any product photography! It’s all in one and that’s what makes choosing Missy to do your websites the best. You do nothing, simply purchase your consultation where Missy will come to you and you give your vision of your website and collect any products that need to be photographed or if you are your brand, Missy will do a photoshoot of you for your website.