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Baby Mama launched in August 2014 and closed early 2016 after falling pregnant with her second baby, due to suffering severe anxiety preparing for a VBAC after her traumatic emergency c-section.. Baby Mama is officially re-launching the her label again after 3yrs of being closed and to help get Baby Mama back out there, she’s offer mama’s the opportunity to earn a commission from each sale they make with their unique code. Simply purchase your Brand Rep set up, take cute pictures of you and your mini out and about repping, tag Baby Mama and share your unique code and earn commission each time it’s used.

Become a Breastfeeding Baby Mama Mama Rep from anywhere in the world! Purchase your Brand Rep starter pack and become apart of the Team.

Brand Reps packs include;

Twinning Tee’s for you and your Mini

Note – The twinning tee images are currently in production & once they are finished being designed and made you Baby Mama will contact you to select the design you wish to have. The new twinning tee’s will not be released on the website until all of the reps have received there’s and are ready for sale Mid/End of Feb due to 1. Not having images of final product yet 2. To not risk copy cat brands taking the design idea as that’s happend. Reps must purchase their package before 31st of January to not miss out on their tee release spot.

Brand Rep Unique Discounts Code with one on one support in our secret facebook rep group.

Fact: Formula is a BILLION dollar industry and the only advertising breastfeeding gets is mama’s sharing their breastfeeding pictures. Well not anymore! Baby Mama is calling for passionate breastfeeding mama’s to Rep Baby Mama and turn breastfeeding into a opportunity to make a income to hopefully be able to stay at home longer with your sweet little one.

Baby Mama can’t wait to join you to the team.

Once you have purchased your Brand Rep pack, you will receive a email within 24hrs gaining you access to the facebook group. If you don’t have instagram you will need to make one as you instagram is your biggest selling tool! Baby Mama’s got your back and will teach you along the way <3

Oh Baby Mama got her VBAC too 😀

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