Cause Clothing

Baby Mama is Breastfeeding for Breast Cancer! © 2018

In 2015 Missy designed her Team Pink jumpers and due to closing early 2016 when she fell pregnant with her second she unfortunate made the decision to close Baby Mama as she needed to focus and prepare for having a VBAC (Vaginal birth after cesarean) fast forward 2 years she has re-launched Baby Mama this year in 2018 and she launched with her Team Pink Fundraiser called Breastfeed for Breast Cancer.  A event she has been so excited to FINALLY launch after 3 years! For those wondering Missy got her VBAC 🙂 you can watch her birth story on youtube.

Missy has created Breastfeed for Breast Cancer © as a special way breastfeeding mothers can get together and have a series of events they can come to meet other breastfeeding mothers and be a part of making a difference in other women’s lives.

The events include morning tea, a group breastfeeding group photo and a individual mini breastfeeding photography session for mothers to have as a keep sake.

So if you are planning to get professional breastfeeding photo’s, come have them at a Breastfeed for Breast Cancer event and gift a women in treatment.

Missy has made it a point that she will not sell the jumpers for individaul sale to women in treatment because it just doesn’t sit right with her to sell and profit from someone’s illness which is why she has made the events, and isn’t just asking for donations. She wanted to create a event where mums came and got something of value for coming and something to value is the memory of being apart of the very first and only event for breastfeeding mothers that are for a cause that help others. So if you come to a Breastfeed for Breast Cancer from the bottom of Missy’s heart. Thank you. Thank you for being apart of her vision. When you are in a position of health and can do something to help others you should and it’s Missy’s mission to make these events something to remember!