Copycats and how they should all stop jacking BMMT’s designs!

Welcome to Baby Mama

Baby Mama is a breastfeeding clothing line born in 2014 on a cool Autumn evening when owner and new mum Missy found herself freezing her tits off (literally) trying to keep warm while feeding her son.  A few hours of google and ebay searches she found nothing, yes NOTHING to keep those milk bubbles from turning to poptitcles. These days she sometimes wishes she had of found something because 5yrs deep into the clothing world where mothers are desperate to make a buck online. Baby Mama has been copied countless times and constantly has her designs, tag lines, sale lines all stolen by other business, One mob was even brave enough to not even be secretive and just straight out used Baby Mama Threads dropping the Milk! So she’s been quite exhausted over the years with the copycats but as Coco Chanel once said “To be original be prepared to be copied” and that’s Missy’s way of thinking. We aren’t #BMMTORIGINALS for no reason. So enjoy your time at Baby Mama. You aren’t just a customer when you shop here, you become a friend because we mama’s we lonely, we needs friends!

Baby Mama