Cause Clothing – How it began

In March 2015 I set up a garage shop at my home as I wanted a place mama’s could come and try stuff on so I had mama’s come along to my garage shop and it was here the cause clothing came to be when when of my customers mum told me that the jumpers would also be great for women under going breast cancer treatment as the pockets would allow for their treatment lines. The whole reason I turned Baby Mama into a business was because the second I got my sample jumper and I was blown away by the comfort of being able to feed with a simple opening of a hoodie and stay cosy warm. I wanted to share it with all mama’s. At the time I started Baby Mama there was not one hoodie online! Not that I could find anyway. Baby Mama exploded onto the breastfeeding scene going from just family and friends liking the page to over 3.5k likes in just 6 months.