Birth Doula

In early 2016 Michelle fell pregnant with her second baby, filled with fear and anxiety of having another traumatic emergency c-section, she hired a Doula and began preparing for a VBAC. It was the pregnancy that causes Michelle to close Baby Mama. Afteron her and her baby and getting through the next anxiety filled 9 months.

On December 3rd 2016 Missy safely delivered her beautiful girl earth side by VBAC completely med free, she felt like a warrior and had her Doula and Partner to thank for keeping her strong through those hard hours.

In March 2016 Missy enrolled to become a Doula herself, truly believing all mothers need one if they feel they need that extra support or are filled with the anxiety of birth.

You can hire Missy to be your birth doula and she will support and love you like a sister from another mister. Choosing a doula isn’t just about hiring someone to be there for you, it’s inviting someone into your life, someone who will share one of the most sacred times in your life, we forget a lot of things in life but the one thing that becomes etched in our minds is the births of our babies, we can remember every detail, to smells around us during labour, what we were feeling at the time so you can’t just invite anybody, you must invite someone you feel connected to, safe with. So if you feel like Missy could be a fit for you. Feel free to contact her and arrange to meet her and if you like her you simply can book her via the link below.