Mum & Me

Mum & Me Sessions 

IMG_0254 collage mum and me

Do you ever sit with your babies/children and have a really beautiful moment that you think you just wish you had a Photographer in the house to catch the moment? Being a mother herself Missy knows we are all to busy taking photos of our children’s moments with others but nobody ever thinks to take photos of us having these moments with our children. Come to our studio that has a homely feel and play and laugh while Missy catches these natural moments. they’ll be photos to cherish forever. Instead of those Mum selfies.

Session Details

Allowing 1 hr in the Studio gives yourself and children the time to adjust and be comfortable. At Baby’s Mama we aim to give you images you love and cherish so it’s important to us that you all are very relaxed and comfortable as it then shows in the images.

Package Includes

1x Panoramic Canvas

2x 8×10 Prints

All Images on provided USB

Package Price $350

or 4 Fortnightly Payments of $87.50